Yoshinkan Dojo (Southern England Branch)

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We are a small Dojo located in Farnham, Surrey, practicing Motoha Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu, a Koryu, or classic form of Japanese Martial Arts, under the guidance of our Soke, Yasumoto Akiyoshi.

We have a friendly, no nonsense approach to training, with the view that everyone is on their own personal journey within the art.

Training is conducted safely in a traditional manner, suitable for anyone, from beginners right through to experienced martial artists.

Our focus is not on sport martial arts, or flashy moves, and our attitude towards self defence is quite different to many other organisations.

In our Dojo you will find a serious and common sense approach to actual fighting. Our aim is to give students real life skills (physical and mental) which will enable them to handle themselves in violent, potentially life threatening situations.

The same skills and training methods used by Samurai for generations to stay alive in a culture where death and killing was an accepted way of life, on and off the battlefield.

We hold classes for both adults and children.

Training is also available with Yasumoto Soke a few times yearly, across the UK, Europe, and also in Japan.



Yoshinkan Dojo (Southern England Branch)
Farnham Leisure Centre
Dogflud Way

Adult, Monday’s 20:30-22:00
Children, Sunday’s 9:30-10:15