Phone Scam alert – Never say YES

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Random number calls you and asks:

Can you hear me?
Are you (Insert your name) ?
Are you the owner of the house?
Is this “your name” I am speaking to?

These are the type of questions phone scammers are asking people in order to get you to say “YES”.

Once the scammer has recorded you saying “YES”, what do they do with the information?

  1. They can sell your information as a lead to other companies, as they have your phone number and confirmed the name is correct. This means more annoying spam calls for you.
  2. They can edit a phone conversation to which your reply is YES. For example:
    Scammer Says: Can you confirm you’d like to put a deposit down on this cruise holiday of £1000.
    Your Voice: “Yes”
    The scammers will record your voice, edit the message then call you back a few days later to try scare tactics into getting you to transfer money into their account. They prey on the weak and vulnerable.

How to stop them.

  1. If someone calls you asking “are you (insert your name) ?” simply say “Who am I speaking to”, or reply “This is (insert your name)”. Most of the time they will simply hangup right away.
  2. Stop them speaking, take the lead and ask the questions yourself.
    Who am I speaking to?
    Why are you contacting me?
    Where did you get my number from?
    Please take me off your list?
  3. If they claim to be a reputable bank/business, tell them you will call them back. Dont take the number they give you, find the correct number online and call the bank/business to confirm they called you.
  4. Simply hang up, (if you’re on a mobile you can block the number).
  5. Never give away information over the phone to a random caller. The more information they obtain the greater of value your personal details are to businesses who pay for this information.
  6. Make sure your social media accounts do not show your personal number. Many people are not even aware they have publicly listed their phone number on their facebook account, click on your about section and make sure you’re not displaying yours. (How to remove number from facebook)

Please share and make sure elderly and more vulnerable friends & family are aware.