The New Album by Jack L McClure

Composer Jack L McClure was born and raised in Farnham, England. At his secondary school, he studied music and became passionate about singing. A few years later, he was a member of several bands and choirs and was teaching himself how to play the piano. Fast forward several years and his knowledge of music had accelerated to such an extent, his parents decided to buy him an 1886 John Broadwood & Sons Grand Piano.

This sparked a new level of creativity as Jack began to compose his own music. Soon after, Jack started at University to study Film, but the stress of family issues at the time lead to a fall in his work. Having failed his first year Jack decided, rather than re-take the year, he would quit university and focus on his music. Years later, Jack had composed and released three albums with his fourth, largest and most complete, being released by the end of 2015. In 2016, Jack released two more albums; one a small collection of previously unreleased piano music, and Army of Fire.

His latest album, Army of Fire is Jack’s sixth album and is bigger and better than ever! Featuring 21 epic songs featuring massive orchestral arrangements such as Enigma and Army of Fire, along side delicate, ethereal songs such as Gates of Heaven featuring angelic choirs. The album also includes Isle of Lewis, inspired by Jack’s ancestral homeland and featuring the heavenly voice of Barbary Grant. Army of Fire truly is Jack’s most prolific album to date.

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