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Update June: Crime seems to be on the rise, according to Crime Maps.
When we compare June 2015 to February 2015 we see an increase of 16 crimes,February had 48 reported crimes, whereas June has 64 reported crimes.

But don’t panic, this is still not an extremely high number when compared to other towns/cities in the UK. However we did also notice that in February Aldershot had a crime map of 175, and it June this has increased even more to 215.

Crime June 2015 Farnham Surrey


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Did you know that the Police make available to the Public every single crime that has happened in the area. This is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE available to everyone including you.

See the video below for a full guide on How to Use the Police Crime Map.

Click here to see the Farnham Crime map, don’t forget to edit for your area.

Why do you need to Know the Crime in your Area

  • Research the crime in your area, see exactly what’s going on.
  • Keep your Children and Family away from Hot Spots.
  • Thinking of moving? check out the crime first.
  • Compare the crime each month to see if it’s on the increase or decrease.
  • Compare to neighbouring towns.

Comparing Farnham to Neighbouring Towns

Which town do you think would have more crime? Alton or Bordon? Let’s see if you were right.

Below you will find a table for the total crime per town in February 2015, you can see Farnham has a very low score.

 Farnham Aldershot Alton Bordon Farnborough
 48  175  86  54  100


Farnborough Crime Map Bordon Crime Map Alton Crime Map aldershot Crime Map farnham Crime Map



What are your views on Crime in Farnham?

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