FFS Farnham Family Survival Tips

Voice over artist James Wren went viral on the LoveFarnham Facebook group this week, positing his FFS Farnham Family Survival.

James’s post below:

Hello folks, as we prepare to leave Farnham after one year, I’ve made a few tongue-in-cheek observations, which will either make you laugh or get you mad, but either way, here’s FFS! ( Farnham Family Survival) – It’s not to say that ALL parents are like this, but you may know someone who fits right in to this exercise in pigeon-holing! I’m a voice artist and make comedy clips, too, link is here. Have a great evening!

The post gained a good response, so far with over 473 likes and 150 comments! You can view the full post here.

James comments that he’s also planning to share the design to make T-Shirts for “FFS” Farnham Family Survival and “WTF” Welcome to Farnham, everyone in the group seems pretty excited to see these designs.

If you’d like to know more about Voice Artist James Wren, follow him below:

Website: James Wren
Twitter: @jameswren1975