Who on earth are Farnham Round Table?

Oh, that’s just another name for the Lions. Do you mean the Hedgehogs?  No, don’t be daft, its part of Rotary or the Masons isn’t it?

No. It isn’t. Not even close!

Round Table is a bit different. Where we are the same is that we are group of local volunteers running events and raising money to help local good causes. Where we are different is that we try to have a bit of a laugh doing it. Round Table is a global thing with hundreds of different groups in towns around the world but we are very much focused on Farnham and the many local worthy causes we can help out.

And how do we do it? Do we run Farnham or Hale carnivals? No- but we do help out with closing roads whilst wearing fetching tabards. Do we organise the fireworks? Yes. That’s us. About 15 of us, with help from old members, wives, schools, scouts and charities, raise anywhere between ten and thirty thousand pounds from fireworks night. We can’t predict the weather but the organisation is bit like clockwork after 40-years of getting it right. You may have noticed, unlike Rushmoor and Guildford, we don’t cancel!

What else? We don’t do the food festival or BeerEx (we do tend to contribute to the takings!) but we do run the Bike Ride on first Sunday in July along with St Andrews PTA. For the kiddies, we also help Santa in his sleigh go door to door in December. What other sleigh runs on alloys with F1 electrics?

So that’s what Farnham Round Table is and what we do, but WHO are we? We’re blokes who like a drink and like to do some good things along the way. We are all men (there is a ladies version before accusations of sexism come in), between 18 and 45 although average is in the 30s. Most of us moved to Farnham and found Round Table as a way to meet new mates. Most of our meetings are in the pub although we do have a brewery tour coming up, some clay pigeon shooting, a poker night and a darts competition underway.

Did I mention we gave away over £20,000 to local good causes last year?

If you want to know more see #frt90 or go to www.farnhamroundtable.org.uk. We’re looking for new members at the moment (after a few hit the age limit and went off to the senior version of the club) so hopefully we’ll see some of you in the pub soon.

The plan is to do a few more interesting articles in the near future if life doesn’t get in the way. Since we committed to give away over £4k to local charities last week, there are plenty of things to say! Watch this space